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Servicing customers from our based in Doral, FL, with dedicated lanes to the Northeast, Midwest, West and Pacific Northwest, we provide LTL cold-chain logistics to the flower and produce industries, operating with team drivers to assured the prompt delivery of your product.

Real tracking on your product temperature is provided by our outstanding customer service personnel, who are dedicated and trained to provide the best customer service experience until final delivery. We are dedicated to assuring the delivery of your LTL product in a timely and secured manner. Maximizing the shell -life of your sensitive product, is our top objective.

We Provide


We operate a fleet of teams and solo drivers servicing all 48 states of the union from Doral, FL.

The fleet is monitored throughout the journey, and our skilled customer service team will provide you with up-to-date location and temperature reading of your perishable product. Our professional drivers are trained to assure the prompt and secured delivery, specialized in the perishable industry.

The main objective is to maximize the shelf-life of your perishable product from your doors to customers.

4Kings Cold Solutions

Temperature Control Warehousing

In Doral, FL, we operate a cooler warehouse for the flower and produce industries.

Our cooler is maintained at a temperature of 36 degrees, and our operators are well trained in the cold-chain logistics, from pulping the product upon arrival, to maintain and sustain the freshness of your product until it leaves our facility.

Our teams objectives are to ensure the quality, sustainability and shell-life of your product. From our cooler to your final customers, we offer consolidation services (LTL) year around to all 48 states of the union.

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